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Note That Parts

Jan 16, 2017

Mud pump mud pump cylinder liner, cylinder kits, cylinder heads, Rod,

Piston, and piston plate, and skin Bowl, and piston seat, and piston rod, and column plug rod, and into drainage valve, and into drainage valve valve seat, and cross head, and cross head sliding sets, and cross head pin axis, and crankshaft, and Rod, and Rod upper and lower w, and Rod copper sets, and Rod screws and the mother, and Crown type nut, and skeleton oil seal, and O type sealed circle, and bearing and the phase supporting of gear, and axis, easy out quality problem, in purchase and using in the should note.

Matters needing attention

Mud pump before starting, check that the inlet and the outlet pipe is blocked, to the front and rear bearings add butter, check that the packing is charged. Mud pump should be equipped with a high pressure water pump, will be larger than the pump pressure of water lost to leakage prevention filler, filler protection shall not close the flushing pump mud pump, otherwise, the seal quickly wear. Clearance between the impeller and the boards is reasonable, life has a great influence on the mud pump. Clearance is not reasonable, vibration and noise generated during pump operation, flow very quickly damaged when replacing the impeller, shall take care that the clearances meet the drawings, the gap adjustment can be conducted via adjustment screws on the rear bearing. Allows suction of the mud pump is in the water when the determination of transmission, suction slurry should consider the impact of mud on the suction capacity.