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Oil And Gas Stimulation Equipment Electrical Equipment

Jun 07, 2017

 With the rapid development of oil and gas field industry in China's industrial field, oil and gas construction projects are gradually increasing. Therefore, in order to ensure that the electrical equipment of oil and gas construction project is operating in a safe environment, it is necessary to explode the oil and gas station As well as the installation of fire electrical equipment to conduct a specific analysis to understand the electrical equipment in the installation process of the problem, in order to improve the electrical installation of technical support.

In the oil and gas construction projects, the electrical installation is mainly in the oil reserves, station, structure explosion hazard areas and electrical equipment selection, in accordance with the national standard GB50058- [Key words] oil and gas facilities; electrical equipment; 1992 "Design of the Code for the Design of Electrical Equipment for Explosion and Fire Hazardous Environment", in the installation of electrical equipment, according to the electrical design and equipment selection of various types of stations and dangerous areas, the electrical installation technology conforms to the relevant provisions of the national standard GB50058, Oil and gas construction projects can be carried out in a safe environment.

First, the oil and gas construction projects for the installation and commissioning of 10kV power distribution equipment, oil and gas construction projects, in order to promote the power equipment in the oil and gas industry in the efficient use of the entire oil construction projects to promote the safe operation of the environment, in the 10kV power distribution equipment installation and commissioning work, I combined with years of work experience, in the electrical equipment installation and commissioning of the problems that may arise in detail. Need to install and debug the attention of the problem are: in the installation and commissioning process first of all the rigorous review of the design drawings, and clear the specific requirements of the construction. In the process of installation of low-voltage power distribution equipment for oil and gas projects, it is necessary to install according to the layout of the distribution site of the distribution site and the installation plan of the distribution equipment according to the relevant distribution process. The wiring distance of the distribution equipment and the safety distance of the other pipelines must be determined in accordance with the relevant construction standards and the actual construction environment combined with the site. Before installation, according to the requirements of the drawings to see whether the relevant parts of the distribution equipment meet the relevant standards, the appearance of the power distribution equipment and damage to the internal components of the distribution equipment, whether the phenomenon of loose off, power distribution equipment related plug Whether it is flexible and reliable and secondary circuit wiring is good. Also in the power distribution equipment before the installation of power equipment needs to be familiar with the construction environment in order to implement the power distribution equipment installation and debugging environment is safe and reliable. Also in the installation of the bus, the need to adjust the degree of bending of the bus, as well as between the installation of the distance between the bus and how to ensure that the bus and other equipment safe distance. In the oil and gas projects for high-voltage switchgear installation need to pay attention to the problem: first need to carefully consult the design drawings and related information and design requirements, check the switchgear and configuration elements, devices meet the design and related specifications. The specific device needs to be configured in accordance with the requirements to avoid the construction process due to the installation of the work errors, resulting in high-voltage switchgear installed or reversed, resulting in equipment can not be normal operation. In addition, the need to carefully check the high-voltage switchgear and the configuration of institutions, equipment, instruments, etc., to avoid the entire electrical equipment in the installation process of high voltage insulators and transformers and other small cracks or in the high voltage switch cabinet deformation, Instrument and yuan, the device is damaged. Finally check the high-voltage switchgear closing and disconnecting mechanism of the interlock device is reliable; in the transformer installation before the need to see whether the appearance of the transformer damage and whether the transformer seal is good or not oil leakage situation.