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On The Mud Pump Troubleshooting And Precautions

Aug 03, 2017

Pump vibration

★ reason: pump shaft and diesel engine (or motor) is not heart, impeller imbalance, bearing damage;

★ solution: adjust the concentricity, impeller balance test, replace the bearing.

Pump water is slow

★ reasons: the front liner and impeller clearance, the water pipe can not seal the air, emptying full;

★ solution: adjust the gap, adjust the water pipes, install the vacuum device.

Pump does not absorb water

★ reasons: irrigation water is not enough, the pump can not be discharged from the air, suction pipe leak, the front liner and impeller clearance;

★ the original solution: continue to pour water, check the pipeline is leak, adjust the impeller and the front liner clearance.

Water pressure

  • Pressure is small, the flow is small

★ reasons: the pump has air, impeller and the front liner gap, the clutch is not tight, impeller or liner wear;

★ solution: emptying the pump gas, adjust the gap to adjust the clutch friction plate gap, replace the impeller or liner.

  • Pump wear fast

★ reasons: the construction environment (large particles) poor, far distance transport, water pipe length;

★ solution: change the battlefield, add the unit to shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

  • Impeller journal wear fast

★ reasons: high-pressure pump head low, packing dislocation, pump shaft and back cover is not heart;

★ solution: replace the pump head higher than the high-pressure pump, replace the packing, adjust the concentricity.


Mud pump before starting, please check the inlet pipe, outlet pipe is blocked, before and after the bearing whether to add butter, check the packing is full. Mud pump work should be equipped with high pressure water pump, will be greater than the pressure of the mud pump water leakage leak-proof filler, the filler protection, mud pump work must not turn off the washing pump, otherwise, will make the seal part of the rapid wear and tear. Whether the gap between the impeller and the guard plate is reasonable, a great impact on the life of the mud pump. The gap is unreasonable, the pump running vibration and noise, over flow parts quickly damaged, so the replacement of the impeller, should pay attention to the gap to meet the requirements of the drawings, clearance adjustment, through the rear bearing body to adjust the screw to carry out. The allowable suction of the mud pump is measured when the water is delivered, and the effect of the mud on the suction capacity should be taken into account when sucking the slurry.