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Opinions On The Development Of Oil Equipment Experts

Mar 10, 2017

Adjust the structure to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading

Innovative Technology Drives Development Mode Transformation Three Innovations Promote Green Equipment Development New Thinking Response to New Content New Forms Energy Saving China's oil and petrochemical equipment industry product structure is irrational, the overall low technical content, poor anti-risk ability. Which has become troubled by China's oil equipment manufacturing transformation and upgrading of one of the major bottlenecks. Next, China will increase the support of some unconventional resources and deepwater oil and gas resources exploration and development policies, and the introduction of appropriate policy measures, adhere to the strategic adjustment of economic structure as the main direction to accelerate the transformation of economic development, accelerate the development of energy Environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction of new products.


Zhao Zhiming Principal Consultant, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association

Innovative technology drives the transformation of development mode "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the oil and petrochemical equipment industry should focus on national environmental management and industry energy-saving emission reduction tasks to enterprises as the main body, relying on independent innovation, breakthrough energy, resources, environment constraints on the development of the industry to major environmental technology and Equipment research and development as the focus, through scientific and technological innovation to promote cleaner production, the development of circular economy, to speed up the resource-saving, environment-friendly, intrinsically safe development of the way change. Through structural adjustment and technological innovation, so that the oil and petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises in the production structure and product structure has been rapidly improved and optimized.

Chen Liuqin Director, Strategic Research Center, China Energy Economics Research Institute

Three major innovations to promote the development of green equipment

Through the energy-saving emission reduction technology and equipment market analysis shows that relying solely on the existing areas of technology and equipment growth, it is difficult to support China's energy-saving environmental protection industry doubled growth. Therefore, in the "second Five-Year" period, the industry must expand their horizons, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction equipment manufacturing industry three innovations: technology independent innovation, expand new areas; develop international market, expand industrial space; innovative business model, The market space of the technology and equipment of emission reduction.

Army China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association Technical Equipment Committee Secretary - General

New thinking to deal with new forms of new energy saving

Simple energy-saving era is basically the past. Should use new thinking to deal with industrial development and technology development. First, the source of energy-saving, not only focus on technology and energy conservation, local energy conservation, but also to change the process and equipment, to achieve energy-saving source. Second, large-scale energy-saving system, the implementation of energy-saving system and recycling economy. Third, pay attention to talent, talent must understand the technology and equipment, do not understand the process, equipment is difficult to deep energy. Fourth, increase investment, the development of original technology and technology.

Professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology

Policy system to stimulate the equipment industry demand

China's energy-saving emission reduction technology and equipment both a major technological breakthrough, but also a huge market demand. The state should promote the industrial demand through the implementation of key projects. Through the improvement of the policy system, the formation of incentives to support energy-saving emission reduction equipment manufacturing enterprise technology research and development and demonstration and promotion, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and through the strengthening of regulatory standards, the formation of a fair competitive market environment.