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Product Features

Jan 16, 2017

1, can transport high concentrations of high-viscosity <10000PaS and suspending slurry containing particles.

2 transportation flow stability, no streaming, pulsating and mixing, shear size.

3, the discharge pressure is independent of speed, low flow or high discharge pressure.

4, is proportional to the flow and speed, flow is achieved by speed or variable speed motor control.

5, strong self-priming capacity, without loading the bottom valve can be directly pumped liquids.

6, pump reversible liquid flows up to the direction of rotation of the pump to change, applies to pipe anyway you want to flush.

7, smooth operation, vibration and noise.

8, simple structure, easy disassembly and maintenance.

I-1B pump are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, pulp and paper, food, and other units.