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Prospect And Countermeasure Of Oil Equipment

Apr 02, 2017

1.Relying on technological innovation to speed up the adjustment of oil equipment industry structure.

 By adjusting the product structure, continue to use foreign advanced technology and advanced management, the development of marketable new products, improve the competitiveness of products in domestic and foreign markets. To undertake important products manufacturing large and medium-sized backbone enterprises, to use advanced production technology and technology and equipment to implement the transformation, so that these enterprises close to the product or reach the international advanced level.

2.Enhance the professionalization and large-scale production organization, improve product value.

Learning foreign professional means, the use of advanced technology, advanced technology and equipment, so as to ensure quality, improve labor productivity and economic efficiency. In terms of improving the engineering capacity, we should pay attention to enrich the equipment and conditions necessary for the research institutes to strengthen the technological transformation of the main plant, but also attach importance to the simultaneous development of key supporting products.

3.Promote technological progress and improve management

Economic globalization will have an increasingly important impact on the future world economy and even the political pattern. Fierce competition in the market, will accelerate the pace of development of new technologies. Enterprises should continue to study and develop marketable, good quality and reasonable prices of new products, these products should be able to meet the user process requirements, but also reduce equipment investment costs, allowing users to be assured and credible, but also allow users and businesses are Profitable, coupled with thoughtful after-sales service. In this way, the enterprise is competitive, it will occupy a certain market share.

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