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Rotary Coupling Selection Guide

Jan 16, 2017

1, one-way flow: install swivel on both ends of the drum, fluid from the end and out at the other end, do not use the inner tube.

2, one-way flow: at one end of the drum rotating joint, while in this fluid gets in and out the end, inner tube relative to the rotation of the drum is stationary.

3, bi-directional flow-through (inner tube): the one difference is that the drum is equipped with different types of siphons and condensate discharge, this type is used for steam type.

4, bidirectional flow (with rotating inner pipe): this type is used for the inner tube to the drum is relatively fixed and works in tandem with cylinder structure, at this point, the fluid inner tube imports outside the pipe.

5, bi-directional flow-through (with rotating inner pipe): drum filled with works in tandem with drum siphon, condensate drain, this type is used for steam type.