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Rotary Joints How To Install?

Jan 16, 2017

1, rotary joint handling and storage avoid bumping and falling in the process to avoid damaging the interfaces and internal parts.

2, installed concentric as possible in order to ensure the good operation of the rotary joint.

3, rotation of the threaded joints during installation, be aware of internal and external pipe threads to correspond to whether the direction of rotation of the drum, and threaded tubes should also.

4, Rotary joints and connections between the pipes, you must use a hose connected, an absolute prohibition on rigid connection.

5, swivel connectors for access directly connected to a hose. Auxiliary to reduce joints, extend service life.

6, inner tube Assembly, size, fit and weight-assisted support. Internal rotation-rotating joints inside pipes and joints meet recommended H8/e7 of tolerance.

7, rotary joint support and transfer of appropriate diameter should be smaller than the drilling 2mm, so as not to affect the freedom of swivel adjustment and compensation.

The various connections for Rotary joints connected to the device (user can use device specific structure of different types of connections