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The Historic Transformation Of China's Oil Industry

Feb 20, 2017

From 1955 onwards, the Ministry of Geology and the oil industry, has carried out a comprehensive geological survey in the North China Plain and Songliao basin.

According to the central instructions, in March 1960, a relationship between the fate of the massive oil oil industry in Daqing opened a prelude to the battle.Relevant ministries ,commissions of the State Council ,the provincial and municipal governments. The Central Military Commission deployed more than 30 thousand soldiers participated in the battle of cardioversion. There are more than 5 thousand factories in Daqing for the production of mechanical and electrical products and equipment, 200 scientific research and design units to support the battle in technology, 37 factories in the oil system and a large number of materials are concentrated in Daqing veteran soldiers and able captains, oil minister Yu Qiuli, vice minister Li Renjun, Zhou Wen long, Sun Jingwen, Kang Shien also went to the site command battle.

Daqing petroleum battle is in difficult times, difficult areas, difficult conditions . At that time, because of the "great leap forward" and "harm anti rightist error caused by interruption, plus natural disasters and foreign aid, the state can come up with very little investment. More than 40 thousand people, hundreds of thousands of tons of equipment, all of a sudden embrace of the prairie, production, life problems. In particular, the development and construction of such a large oil field, we have no experience, foreign experience can not copy. Faced with this situation, the first decision of the party, is the call from leading cadres to all the employees, seriously study Comrade Mao Zedong's "on practice" and "on contradiction". Development and construction of large oil fields with the theory of "two theories".

The workers use the contradiction theory to grasp the main contradiction, and realize that the difficulty, the difficulty, are temporary, local difficulties, and the lack of oil is the biggest difficulty. On the difficulties, the country and the people back down the difficulties on the larger. The oil workers must win glory for the country, for the people to live up to expectations, to the fundamental interests of the country and the people, can only grasp the nettle. "Would rather live twenty years less, desperate to win big oil, became the battle staff's heroic vow. 1205 drilling team captain Wang Jinxi, is the representative of the spirit and character.

The battle of leadership summed up the lessons of the past, pointed out that the oil workers jobs in the underground, the object is reservoir. Must take the "two theory" as a guide, in the work, adhere to the height of the spirit of the revolution with strict scientific attitude combined to guide people's revolutionary drive to master the first oil exploration data, to the objective law of underground oil against the exaggerated, divorced from reality, blind command. This is a requirement in the exploration and development of the whole process, must be taking all quasi 20 data, 72 data; two is grasping the scientific experiments, the development of open test experimentation area, 10 kinds of development methods; the three is to grasp the comprehensive research and technical research, solve a series of major technical issues. In order to develop a scientific oil field development program, the original crude oil gathering and transportation process in line with the characteristics of Daqing.

In 1963, the country's crude oil output reached 6 million 480 thousand tons, in December of the same year, beloved Premier Zhou Enlai announced at the second session of the National People's Congress on the fourth session of Chinese Yan, need oil, can now basically self-sufficient, Chinese people use "kerosene" era, which will be gone for ever.

The  development of Daqing oilfield, the sharp increase in crude oil  production, the need for the simultaneous development of oil refining  industry.  During this period, the expansion of the Shanghai refinery, oil seven  plants, oil, two, five factory and Maoming oil company by production of  synthetic oil is changed to the processing of natural crude oil, new  technology and develop new technology, new products.  From 1963 to 1965, has captured has been hailed as the "five gold"  curing catalysis, platinum reforming, delayed coking, urea dewaxing  catalyst and the required supporting 5 projects, additives etc.. In addition, the design and construction of hydrocracking unit are also studied.  By 1965, a total of more than 13 sets of new equipment, all achieved  the quality of the project, commissioning, commissioning, a qualified  product of the success of the four, greatly reducing the level of  foreign refining technology at the time of the gap.  In 1965, we produced 6 million 170 thousand tons of oil, coal, diesel  oil and oil, with a total production capacity of up to four, a total of  up to 494 kinds of oil products, and self-sufficiency rate of up to  97.6%.