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The Main Use Of Rotary Joints

Jan 16, 2017

Rotary joint application areas cover almost every manufacturing industry. such as metallurgy. Machine tool. Power generation. Oil. Rubber. Plastic. Textile. Printing and dyeing. Pharmaceutical. Cigarette. Making paper. Food. Feed processing.

1) paper: paper processing equipment, such as paper machine dryers, steam ball, coating machine, calender, etc.

(2) fibre products: textile, chemical fiber and textile, linen industry, such as sheets refining and bleaching, mercerizing machine, washing machine, drying machine, precision equipment, towels, ironing machine, conditioner, textile printing and dyeing and drying equipment. All kinds of chemical fiber products processing equipment.

(3) rubber and plastic: calender, screw extruder, mixer, Kneader, rotation and laminating machine, rubber drum type vulcanizing machine automatically and flat vulcanizing machine, injection molding machine, mixer, foam machine, sheet making machine, mixer, drying machine, cloth machine, paint and so on.

(4) leather: leather and synthetic leather, artificial leather and synthetic leather manufacturing and processing equipment: original machine, coating machine, precision cleaning machines, presses, hot rollers, roller drying equipment.

(5) printed: Rotary flexo and gravure printing presses, tiered drying equipment, mixers and so on.

(6) chemical and pharmaceuticals: cylindrical, round-shaped and shaped like a drum dryer, test equipment, rolling mill, lamination machine, calcium carbide furnace electrode increase, pressure devices, coal tar fractionation by crystallization of naphthalene drum machine.

(7) food: food, food drying equipment, kneaders, drainer, rolled and crushing equipment, Rotary drying equipment.

(8) steel, metal and alloy products: continuous casting machine, hot plate straightening machine, wire drawing, rolling mills, high precision rolling equipment, extrusion machines, rolling machines, wire and tube rolling equipment, handling machinery, manufacturing wet grinding of cemented carbide.