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The Pursuit Of Excellence, To Show Yukos Style (一)

May 23, 2017

Shandong Yukos Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful petroleum city - Dongying in the Yellow River Delta, is a production research and development enterprise with product research and development organizations and perfect service teams, mainly engaged in the management, research and development of petroleum drilling and well repair equipment, special oilfield equipment, oil extraction equipment, wellhead and down hole tools, and the provision of petroleum engineering design schemes and petroleum engineering technical services.

Enterprise mission

Enterprise mission is the reason for the existence of enterprises, but also a fundamental enterprise, the most valuable, noble responsibility and task, which is the ultimate ideal of the enterprise realm. An enterprise mission is an abstract description of an enterprise that provides a product or service to society, and it answers what we are doing and why we do it. We Yukos oil equipment company that customers provide high-quality products and customer satisfaction services for the purpose of the real products and services to achieve a win-win situation.

Yukos as a professional oil accessories manufacturing enterprises, through the continuous exploration of science and technology, innovation on the road continue to progress: to reduce energy consumption, create the greatest power to reduce environmental pollution, science and technology to protect the environment as its mission.

The pursuit of new impetus is the mission of the Yukos people, Yukos Group's values are not imitation after the emergence of new technologies, but through the investigation of the market, the latest technology, so that technology really landed, really lead the new impetus. "Technology to lead the new impetus", embodies the Yukos through the pursuit of scientific and technological development, to achieve self-worth of mission.

2. Value concept

1) Core values:

Efforts to open up the market, sincerely cast growth, action to change the fate of passion for the dream.

Positive attitude: Although the oil equipment manufacturing industry prospects are broad, but it still needs us to have a positive attitude to the good, the correct aspects of the expansion, the first time into the colleagues. Positive life as the sun, where to go where the light

Win-win mentality: standing on the mentality of supply to deal with you and between enterprises, enterprises and business, between the business and the relationship between consumers. Can not be their own interests to damage the interests of enterprises, consumers meet their own needs, enterprises to achieve the value of their products, which is a win-win situation.

Tolerance mentality: As a staff member, you will serve different customers, we are for the customer service, to meet customer needs, which requires us to understand and understand. Yukos people always remember their own service concept, for each customer to provide the best service.