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The Structural Characteristics Of The Mud Pump And The Working Principle

Sep 15, 2017

    One of the tools we must use in drilling is the mud pump.This article is from yukos for you to detail the structure of the mud pump and the use of the principle.It will take you about 3 minutes to read this article.

   First of all, we are talking about the structural characteristics of the mud pump:Drilling pumps are generally three-cylinder single-acting pump, mainly by the hydraulic end and power side of the two major components. (Plunger, packing and cylinder), suction pipe, suction air bag, discharge pipe, discharge filter assembly discharge air bag, exhaust pipe, Safety valve, cylinder head, spray pump assembly.Power end includes the base, crankshaft assembly, pinion shaft assembly, connecting rod, cross head assembly, rod and other components.


    Mud pump is an important equipment for mud circulation system in oil drilling. Due to the high sediment concentration, high pressure and large viscosity, So pay attention to strengthen the daily maintenance of the mud pump to extend the mud pump in the oil drilling life. 1 mud pump in the working principle of oil drilling mud pump is a longitudinal drilling and conveying mud piston reciprocating pump, with the general working principle of the reciprocating pump is basically the same. The mud pump is composed of two parts: the hydraulic end and the power end. The hydraulic end is composed of a pump cylinder, a piston, a suction valve, a suction pipe and a discharge pipe and a discharge pipe. The power end is composed of eccentric wheels, Rod and so on. In the oil drilling operation, the mud with the drilling of the drill into the underground mud pump is the basic function. The mud pump also has the function of cooling the drill bit, cleaning the drilling tool, driving the drilling and so on, and can bring the diamond lith ground to the ground. In the process of oil drilling, the circular drilling is usually used. The mud pump can send the surface rinse medium such as water, mud or rinse liquid directly to the bottom of the drill through the faucet, high pressure hose and the center hole of the drill pipe column under certain pressure , To play its cooling bit, drive drilling, the gravel cans back to the ground role.