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Jan 16, 2017

Pump vibration

★ Cause: pump with diesel engine (or motor) different, unbalanced impellers, bearings damage;

★ Solution: regulation of leaf rotation concentricity, balance test, replace the bearing.

Pumps water slow

★ Reasons: front liners with the impeller gap, water pipes do not seal air, empty;

★ Solution: adjustment, adjust the water pipes, installation of vacuum devices.

Pump does not suction

★ Reasons: pouring water, pump enough air it cannot discharge, suction pipe leakage, the former liner with the impeller gap;

★ Original solution: continue pouring water, check whether the pipeline leak, adjust the clearance between impeller and front liners.

Water pressure

Low pressure and flow

★ Reasons: there is air in the pump, the impeller and the former clearance of the lining, clutch close tightly, or liner wear of the impeller;

★ Solution: emptying the pump gas, adjust the clearance adjustment clutch friction plate clearance, replacing the impeller or liner.