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What Is The Reason For The Working Principle Of The Drilling Mud Pump And The Performance Of The Mud Pump?

Jun 28, 2017

Drilling mud pump is an indispensable drilling rig supporting equipment in oilfield drilling work. It is used in the drilling process to convey mud (or water and other medium) to the drill pipe to cool, flush the bit and soil.


Oil drilling mud pump is a positive displacement mud pump, the basic working principle is through the sealed working chamber (mud pump cylinder) the cyclical changes in the volume, the original mechanical energy into the liquid transport pressure energy to complete the operation. The specific process is to use the mud pump piston in the cylinder in the reciprocating movement, so that the cylinder chamber within the working chamber volume cyclical changes, mud pump cylinder with a sealing ring and other sealing devices and external isolation, and through the valve Valve or discharge valve) to communicate with the pipe or closed. It can be seen that the importance of the mud pump cylinder liner match, currently on the market common three-cylinder mud pump set with three cylinder sets.

The two main parameters of mud pump performance are displacement and pressure. The displacement is calculated at several liters per minute and the diameter of the borehole and the required flushing fluid from the bottom of the hole are related to the return speed. The return speed of the rinse solution is required to allow the cuttings to be cut off from the bottom of the hole and to carry it to the surface. Geological core drilling when the general return speed of 0.41 m / min or so. The pressure of the pump depends on the resistance of the passage through the depth of the drilling fluid and the nature of the flushing fluid.


The deeper the drilling resistance, the higher the pressure required. As the depth of the borehole diameter changes the pump displacement can be adjusted at any time. In the pump mechanism is equipped with gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust its speed to achieve the purpose of changing the displacement. In order to accurately grasp the pressure and displacement of the pump on the mud pump to install the flow meter and pressure gauge at any time so that the drilling staff to understand the operation of the pump through the pressure changes to determine whether the normal state of the hole to prevent the occurrence of hole accidents.