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Yukos Teaches You To Use Mud Pumps Correctly

May 25, 2017

Before the mud pump is turned on, check the inlet, outlet whether there has been clogged,Whether the front and rear bearings are filled with butter. When the mud pump work, it should be equipped with high pressure water pump, the water pressure is greater than the mud pump pressure, so it is conveyed to the filler leakproof. The irrigation pump can not be closed when the mud pump is working.Otherwise, the sealed part will be quickly damaged. 

Whether the gap between the impeller and the guard is appropriate, which has a great impact on the life of the mud pump. The gap is unreasonable, the pump will produce vibration and noise, the flow components will soon be damaged, so when you replace the impeller of the mud pump , you should pay attention to make the gap to meet the requirements of the drawings, adjust the gap, adjust the screw on the bearing body.

The allowable suction of the mud pump is measured when the water is delivered, the effect of mud on the ability to suck up should be taken into account when sucking the mud.

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