6.5t Alloy Steel Forged High Strength Blot Type D Shackle

We can provide you with high quality plug valves, We have been in the oil equipment manufacturing industry for many years.r products are exported to many countries, we are ecpecting becom your long- term partner in china

Product Details
We provide professional and high-quality complete power end components, Bearings, rail fishplate equipment and solutions for various customers. We try to establish the image of 'advancing with the market', win the trust of quality and customer first and make progress together with customers. 'Serving customers with heart' is our service tenet, and we use perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service to satisfy customers.

Low torque plug valves and High pressure low torque Plug Valves

1.Product introduction

Low torque plug valves are based on the technologies introduced from FMC and SPM ,forged from high strength alloy steel .They are robust,field-proven plug valves that provide dependable service for application such as cementing, fracturing,acidizing,coiled tubing,and sand control.

We can provide you with high quality plug valves, We have been in the oil equipment manufacturing industry for many years.r products are exported to many countries, we are ecpecting becom your long- term partner in china. 

2.Product parameter(Specification)

Plug Valves are high-quality products. They are available up to 15,000 PSI for standard service and 10,000 PSI for H2S or sour gas service. Our plug valves are pressure balanced type and have replaceable metal liners between the body and plug. 


Repair kits are also available to increase their life and make them perform safely for longer. These manually operated valves are fitted with high stem torques and manual gearboxes.

3.Product Feature and Application


      Low operating torque

      End connections of plug valves may be Weco union or male/female thread(LP,TBG)

      Maintenance and repair of valve body can be done without removal ,and no special tools are needed for removal

      The plugs have very good sealing performance

      Visible :There is a visible positioner where we can see if valve is open or closed.Brake spring will limit the position of valve 3’’hand wheel opener is suitable for opening in low temperature.Valves can be opened freely and flexibly.



Medium: oil,gas ,slurry and sour gas

Working pressure : 6,000psi, 10,000psi,15,000psi

Bore size:1’’,2’’,and 3’’

Temperature : normal or low temperature

Plug valves,manufactured to NACE-MR0175 and API RP-14E,are available  and suitable for service in sour gas environ.

Mode of operation : Manual,pneumatic,hydraulic, worm gear box 

4.Production Details

The  plug valve is a necessary part that is utilized on the high pressure manifold for the cementing and fracturing operations in oil field and also suitable to control over the similar high pressure fluid. Featuring the compact structure, easy maintenance, small torque, rapid opening and easy operation, the plug valve is ideal for the cementing and fracturing manifolds.


These products nominal bore ranging from 1”-5”, pressure ranting from 7-140Mpa(1000-20000 psi).

5.Product Qualification


Shandong Yukos Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., by always adhering to the mission of "providing advanced products and high-quality services for the customer on the basis of customer focus", relying on the scientific management philosophy, strictly complying with the international trade rules, insisting in the contract performance, keeping promises, and fulfilling the tenet of high-quality and efficient services and win-win cooperation, to lay a solid foundation for the company's development.



6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Packaging Details:as standard packing

Delivery Detail:as quantity or as client's requiremen

You can call us at any time during working hours


Can  you make us the best quality products as well as a good price?

Yes. we can give you really quality products with best price,we have a better understanding of Chinese market, with us your moeny will be safe.


What is special compare with other company ?

First, we provide the quality products,at the same time, we will provide the customer with the best service after sale, any time any where.

8.Latest New

Mud (Mud Pump) is a broad concept of a popular pump, different geographies, habits, eventually involving the pump won't be the same, mud pumps described in this entry is the majority sense of pump type: oil drilling mud pump applications in the field. In fact, sewage pumps, slurry pumps and some other non-clear water pump and pump in the name also when there is universal.

Mud pump, refer to it during a drill hole transporting mud or water and other fluids machinery. Mud pump is an important part of drilling equipment.

In normal circulation drilling, it is surface wash medium-water, and mud or polymer drilling fluid in under a certain pressure, high pressure hose, and taps and direct drill string center hole bottom, in order to cool the drill bit, cutting down the debris cleared and transported to the surface of the objective.

9.Contact Us

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Yukos Petroleum Equipment is professional in offering various quality and low price low torque plug valves and high pressure low torque plug valves. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various equipment in oil & gas industry, having introduced advanced equipment in our factory. Welcome to buy the famous brands' bulk products in stock form us.
To be an top-notch enterprise that manufacturing 6.5t Alloy Steel Forged High Strength Blot Type D Shackle is our company's development of strategic objectives in recent years. With a complete production and quality assurance system, timely delivery cycle, and thoughtful after-sales service, we continue to develop new products that meet market needs, and our customers are all over the world. Our company focuses on products that are both cost-effective and of high quality.
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