End Suction Water Centrifugal Pump (XA) Made in China

F series oil drilling mud pump for the horizontal, three-cylinder, single-acting reciprocating piston pump. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, easy movement and easy operation.

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We see ourselves not just as a supplier for our clients, but as their partner in helping them achieved their own goals and objectives. Our vision is to become a leader in the smooth running mud pump, Brewster Mud Pumps, short radius swivel joint industry and a company that always adheres to product quality, reasonable prices and timely delivery. We always focus on customers and take 'sincere cooperation' as our operating principle and our products are produced in accordance with international, national and industrial standards. Providing customers with satisfactory products is our unremitting pursuit. Facing the future, we will continue to pursue innovation and advancement, aiming to create value for customers and society. And we will also strive to become a first-class enterprise with 'large-scale operation, scientific management, and international brand'. We strive to improve our responsibility capabilities and continue to advance the development of the company in the direction of transformation and innovation. Our company is at a high-quality level in terms of product functionality, reliability, stability, compatibility, and usability.

   Shandong Yukes Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. production of F series oil drilling mud pump for the horizontal, three-cylinder, single-acting reciprocating piston pump. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, easy movement and easy operation.

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Our advantage

F-1000 Triplex mud pumps 

 The fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid end, valve assembly, liners and pistons. Fluid end is made of forged alloy steel and three fluid ends of each pump are interchangeable. The suction valve and discharge valve of F mud pump are interchangeable. Liners use Bi metal, the sleeve is made of wear resisting cast iron. Piston and piton rod are of slide fit and sealed with rubber seal rings and are fastened with lock nuts to prevent the piston from loosing.

· The valve seat bores have bottom shoulders. The piston and liners are spray lubricated and cooled which allow an extended service life.

· F-1000 mud pumps are rated at longer stroke length and relatively low stroke per minute. It can increase the service life of expendable parts of fluid end assembly

The power end assembly mainly consists of frame, crankshaft, pision shaft, crosshead and extension rod.
Performance Data Sheet F-1000 Pump (6 3/4 x 10)


Why choose us?

1, can transport high concentrations of high viscosity <10000PaS and containing particles of suspended slurry.

2, the transmission flow is stable, no overcurrent, pulsation and stirring, shear slurry phenomenon.

3, the discharge pressure has nothing to do with the speed, low flow can also maintain a high discharge pressure.

4, the flow is proportional to the speed, through the transmission mechanism or speed motor can achieve flow control.

5, self-priming ability, do not install the bottom valve can be directly pumping liquid.

6, the pump can be reversed, the liquid flow from the direction of rotation of the pump to change, apply to the pipeline to be anti-positive flushing occasions.

7, smooth operation, vibration, noise.

8, simple structure, easy disassembly and maintenance.

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